Friday- V is for... Winner is Barry

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Barry, I love that image and your nailed it
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Here is one of the other ones that came to mind for this challenge. Giving this to my husband. Inside it will say, "You caught me hook, line, and sinker."

2-12-19 STV WCC Rob (400x314).jpg
2-12-19 STV WCC Rob (400x314).jpg (104.83 KiB) Viewed 1210 times

That's a fish embossed inside. :lol:
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Great job Golda! Your hubby will love it.
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Golda - I love the images you used!
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Another great looking card Golda
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Golda, I love your additional card. And bet that your hubby will, too.
Sorry for my late posting of the winner. I forgot to do that this AM before I left for the office. And just got home a short time ago after a long day of meeting after meeting after meeting.

A quick spin of Random. org... and #1 popped up. Yay Terrie. This time the early[est] entry got the worm... er... prize.
Congrats, Terrie. And thanks to all who played along. I know that a few of you were out of your comfort zone... but you DID IT.

Terrie, can you please PM me your snail mail addy? I'll then get your prize in the mail... along with Elaine's prize from last weeks challenge. There is no blizzard forecasted for a few days so I might just make it across town to the PO. At least I hope so.

One reason I love this group is that you are about the nicest people anywhere. Prime example of that happened today. Discovered that Terrie didn't PM me her snail addy. Instead her PM asked me to send her prize to Barry... just because. So... Barry, you can expect some happy mail from me. And Terrie, I'm going to tuck a little bit of fun into an envy and send it on to you, too.
I love you peoples.
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