All Things Oz- winner is ERIKA.

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I made this using three different sets from My Favorite Things. I hope to print a sentiment for the inside that says, "Oh, I must have lost my brain, I missed your birthday."
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Erika Hayes
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Erika, I love that! I love your sweet yellow brick road!
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Fantastic card, Erika! I'm so glad you posted it!
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Erika, so good to see you here. And your card is darling. Those three characters fit beautifully together... and the sparkly yellow brick road adds bling PLUS gets your name in the drawing twice. Thanks for playing along.
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Great card Erika...I like your whimsical characters....well done
Elaine, I like your idea of your card for your brother and SIL.
Golda, cute monkey card with that border.
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I can't believe that I forgot to ask Mr Random to draw a winner for my challenge until a day later. Sorry bout that. It's been a busy day, week, month.
So... with fanfare... the winner is ERIKA.

Erika, can you PM me your snail mail addy? Thanks.
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