Christmas is Coming!

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Sadly, small. Our family is scattered all over the east coast so it's my daughter's family and me for Christmas. My brothers and sister-in-laws (and me) are converging on my parents for Thanksgiving though and my niece is coming with her twins too, so that will be a nice get together.
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We have a big (only) family Christmas Party ( no friends) early in December...we have a Redneck gift exchange (from your house and not store bought) some of the gifts have been a little odd but fun.
Now that my daughters have families of their own they do in-laws Christmas Eve but Christmas Day it's over here at my house.
We exchange gifts then have a big Christmas the afternoon we sit around and watch the kids with their gifts, playing game of UNO and we reminisce of Christmas past.
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Last Christmas question:

What is your favorite part of Christmas?

Christmas Eve at my folks' is great, as it's just about spending time together, but probably my favorite part is being home and getting in pjs and watching a movie with my husband on Christmas night.
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We always have a big sister and I take turns hosting Christmas "dinner" at noon (I have Thanksgiving and she has Christmas this year). Just our families, plus our parents and Aunts is 20 people and we always have "extra" family too!

Favorite part of Christmas is spending time with the family...and being stuffed to the gills!
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The best part of Christmas is spending it with my daughters ( their husband too) and the grand children.......before, during and after.
I have two sisters who lives in New York (10 hours away) and I never had Christmas with them..when they got married I was 6 or 7 years old and they moved to New York then and they been there ever since.
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